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Nhà sản xuất: GEFRAN
Xuất xứ: ITALY
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Chúng tôi tự hào là nhà nhập khẩu hàng đầu và chuyên cung cấp các thiết bị tự động, điện và điện công nghiệp chuyên nghiệp. Chúng tôi luôn đi đầu trong việc đáp ứng các xu hướng công nghiệp hóa, hiện đại hóa và các lĩnh vực khác. Chúng tôi cam kết cung cấp giải pháp tốt nhất và sản phẩm chất lượng hàng đầu cho khách hàng của mình.

Series:ADV200 WA
Product Code:S9O10WS
Capacity, kW:22
Current, А:46
Main power supply, V:380-480
Output frequency, Hz:0-500
Overload capacity, % per 1 min.:110
EMC filter:+
Braking unit:+
Analog input:2
Digital input:6
Analog output:2
Digital output:2
Relay output:2
RS485 (Modbus RTU):RS485 (Modbus RTU, CAN, DeviceNet, Profibus, Ethernet, Ethercat)
PID:PID control
V/f control mode:+
Operation temperature, °С:-10.....+40
Dimensions (W x H x D), mm:180x517x250
Weight, kg:16,4


Gefran has applied its application experience to the new series of ADV200 WA industrial drive inverters for the Water Treatment and HVAC sectors.

Specific power structures for variable or quadratic loads, combined with intelligent optimisation of energy consumption and specialised functions, offer important advantages in terms of plant design and ease of startup as well as economic benefits.

Specific configurations and parameters in engineering units cater to the wide-ranging technological requirements of the Water Treatment and HVAC sectors and guarantee easy, intuitive installation and setup for users at any level.

General Functions:

  • Self-tuning of speed-current-flux regulators and identification of motor data with motor idle or rotating
  • Quick startup menu
  • Instant overload up to 180%
  • I2t thermal protection for motor, drive and braking resistor
  • 4 independent ramps with jerk settings
  • Motor auto-capture function
  • Dual PID control with self-tuning
  • Integrated timers with Real Time Clock
  • Mains loss detection with: controlled stop and/or power optimisation
  • Variable switching frequency
  • Variable Torque and Constant Torque modes
  • Programming keypad with 5 complete sets of drive parameters.

Main HVAC Functions:

  • Non-stop Operation and by-pass
  • Jump resonance frequencies
  • Alarm belt breakage
  • Programming Timer (Integrated timers with Real Time Clock)
  • Main Functions for PUMPING SYSTEMS:
  • Compensation system flow
  • Controlled plant coverage
  • Dry running Protection
  • Detection of loss of pressure
  • Multi-pumps Control


  • I/O expansion cards
  • Field-bus interface cards: ProfiBus , CANopen, DeviceNet, GDNet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP
  • Field-bus interface Gateway: BACnet, LonWorks
  • Temperature Probes acquisition cards: PT100, PT1000, NI1000
  • Safety Stop card in accordance with EN 954-1 (Cat.3) PL "e"
  • Dedicated EMC filters (in compliance with CEE - EN61800-3:2004)
  • Braking resistors (standardized for the whole line)
  • Output chokes (standardized for the whole line)


Field-oriented vector inverter, from 1,5kW up to 1.8MW
* Mains supply:
- 3 x 380…480Vac, 50/60Hz (-4 models )
- 3 x 690Vac, 50/60Hz (-6 models )
- 450…750Vdc (-DC-4 models)
- 600…1120Vdc (-DC-6 models)
* Motor ratings from 1,5kW (2Hp) to 1.8MW (2400Hp)
* Certifications: CE. UL, cUL


  • Motor type: asynchronous
  • Regulation control modes: Open Loop FOC, V/F
  • Max Output frequency 500Hz
  • DC Choke integrated up to 160kW
  • EMC Filter integrated
  • Dynamic Braking Module integrated up to 75kW
  • Overload according with IEC146 Class 1 and Class 2
  • Light duty and heavy duty overload management
  • Up to 4 options on board
  • Safety Stop card in accordance with EN 954-1 (Cat.3)
  • Multilanguage programming software (5 languages)
  • Advanced PLC according to the IEC61131-3 Standard
  • Basic PLC Integrated
  • Alphanumeric programming keypad
  • 2 Bipolar Analogue Inputs  (Voltage/Current)
  • 2 Bipolar Analogue Outputs (1: Voltage/Current, 1: Voltage)
  • 6 Digital Inputs (PNP / NPN)
  • 2 Digital Outputs (PNP / NPN)
  • 2 Relay Outputs, single contact
  • RS485 Serial Line (Modbus RTU protocol)
  • Interfacing with the more common field bus: ProfiBus, CANopen, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, BACnet, LonWorks
  • IP20 protection degree as standard
  • IP54 external with enclosure (7,5 – 90 kW)


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